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Salerno, IT 84122
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Mr. Iaione concentrates his practice in Italian white collar criminal defense law.  His career which spans over fourteen years focuses on counseling companies and individuals facing judicial and administrative tribunals throughout Italy and abroad.  Luca takes his cases from inception through trial   with thorough preparation, excellent written communications and strong oral advocacy skills. 

Mr. Iaione has also participated in the  National Lawyers’ Counsel, Rome 2001 “The new investigative process”, “International Education in Economic Criminal Law” and “The role of the evidence in the civil and the criminal proceedings” and at the School of the Union of the  Criminal Chambers, 2001-2002, “Techniques and Ethics of the Criminal Lawyer”.  Outside of law, Luca enjoys honing his skills as a painter and spending time with his with wife and their two daughters.

Mr. Iaione has been in practice for fourteen years and is admitted to the Italian bar and the Corta Supreme di Cassazione.  He is also a member of the Association for Auto Accident Victims in Italy - AIFVS.

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Via Torretta, 4, Salerno, IT 84122
| Phone: +39 089.224.842

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